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Building Permits

Building Permits Photo Residential 3-18-13
Whether you are building your dream home or a new commercial structure, the city's Building Permit Department can guide you through the process. Current state mandated building codes have created a maze of requirements and standards. Our building permit personnel can explain and simplify the process. Our goal is to help make this seemingly cumbersome process as painless and enjoyable as possible.

In order to ensure quick and efficient service, the Building Permit Department will not accept partial submittals. We require that everything on the checklist be turned in when you come in to apply for a permit.

Inspections are conducted between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday through Thursday.  Inspections must be requested 24 hours in advance.


2012 International Building Code 

2012 International Residential Building Code 

2011 National Electrical Code 

2012 La State Plumbing Code 

2012 Fuel and Gas Code

Mechanical (LA One and Two family Supplement to the 2006 International Mechanical Code), Fire and Energy all fall under the 2006 International Building Code.