ORD. #2019-10
 -- An Ordinance of the City of Covington Declaring the 20 Foot Alley Traversing Square 2106, Lying Between North Tyler Street and North Harrison Street and Bounded by West 21st Avenue and West 22nd Avenue, Division of New Covington, City of Covington, St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, Abandoned, Vacated, Closed and Not Needed for Public Purposes (Planning Case No. 18-12-02STREET/ALLEY REVOCATION) (O'Keefe)
(Introduced on January 15, 2019; public hearing and action on March 19, 2019)
TABLED ON March 19, 2019; public hearing and action on April 2, 2019;
VETOED BY MAYOR COOPER on April 23, 2019)