cityhall report

General Rules

This is a partial list of rules for use of all city facilities. If you have any questions about these or other rules or regulations, please contact Amy Tucker at (985) 867-1206.

  • No food or drinks allowed in the auditorium
  • No tents allowed on the property
  • No inflatables allowed on the property
  • No decorations or signs allowed to be taped or pinned on walls, doors or window frames
  • No confetti allowed in the buildings
  • No smoking allowed in the buildings
  • No boiling of seafood allowed in the buildings
  • All trash must be deposited in appropriate containers
  • Kitchen floors and counters must be cleaned
  • Kitchen stove top, steam tables and ovens must be wiped down after use
  • Portable stage area in Bogue Falaya Hall cannot be moved once placed by our staff
  • GCC tables and chairs cannot be placed outdoors
  • Yard signs or banners can be put up on day of event and must be taken down on the same day
  • Parking lots are to be used for parking only
  • Occupancy limits will be strictly adhered