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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9TH, 2016 -- 7:30 P.M.

A Closer Walk With Patsy Cline

           The musical theatre sensation, A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline, traces the late star’s footsteps from her early honky-tonk days and radio fame through her rise at the Grand Ole Opry and triumphs at Carnegie Hall and Las Vegas.  Written and conceived by Dean Regan, the musical reveals the emotional depth and range of a singer who defined the term “crossover hit” by dominating country, blues, pop and gospel charts simultaneously in the 1950s and early 1960s.  The show won the Best New Show Award when it premiered in Branson, Mo., in 1995 and enjoyed universal praise during its inaugural 36-city North American tour.
            A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline features a powerhouse singer and actress who sings 22 of Patsy’s greatest hits including “Walkin’ After Midnight,”“Sweet Dreams,” “I Fall to Pieces,” “Crazy,” “She’s Got You,” “Seven Lonely Days” and the title song, “Just a Closer Walk with Thee.”
            Backed up by a band of singers and musicians, Patsy interacts throughout the show with Little Big Man, a disc jockey from her hometown in Winchester, Va., as well as a host of outrageous stand-up comics that serve as warm-up acts for her concerts and radio shows.
            The audience is also treated to a stunning array of elaborate show costumes - from Patsy’s signature blue-and-white fringed Opry outfit to the glimmering sequined gown worn for her Carnegie Hall appearance.  These costumes do more than decorate the stage and the actress.  They actually help tell the story of Patsy’s career, life and untimely death at the age of 29.
            The show is produced by Springer Theatricals and the Springer Opera House, the State Theatre of Georgia, located in downtown Columbus.  The Springer is a 143-year-old National Historic Landmark with a year-round schedule of plays, musicals and a top-ranked children’s theatre academy.  The theatre also has one of the nation’s busiest touring schedules, performing in over 60 U.S. cities each year. 
            “A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline is one of the warmest, happiest shows any theatre is ever likely to present,” said Springer artistic director Paul R. Pierce.  “I’ve seen people swear up and down that they don’t like country music and then head straight for the record store after they’ve seen Patsy.  Even hard-boiled jazz aficionados are surprised when they hear those flat fifths and diminished chords in many of Patsy’s songs. Far from being a twangy hillbilly singer, Patsy’s voice and interpretive abilities are easily comparable to Judy Garland’s. This show has created so many new Patsy fans – especially among young people who are just discovering the soul and spirit of this great American artist.”

Act I

Come On In

Your Cheatin’ Heart

Got A Lotta Rhythm in My Soul

Seven Lonely Days

Walkin’ After Midnight

A Poor Man’s Roses

Life’s Railway to Heaven

Stop, Look and Listen

Faded Love

Just a Closer Walk with Thee

Lovesick Blues 

Act II

I Don’t Wanta

Leavin’ on Your Mind


Blue Moon of Kentucky

She’s Got You

Back in Baby’s Arms

Sweet Dreams

I Fall to Pieces

Bill Bailey


Just a Closer Walk with Thee (Reprise)
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FRIDAY, MAY 13TH, 2016 -- 8:00 P.M.

Late Nite Catechism

           Late Nite Catechism written by Vicki Quade and Maripat Donovan, made its debut May 28th, 1993 at the Live Bait Theatre in Chicago, Illinois and since then has grossed over $100 million in box office receipts. It has been presented in over 410 cities around the world, has played 6 countries with over 3.5 million people in attendance. There have been over 100 actresses in the role of “Sister” presenting the 8 shows now in the series.

      Late Nite Catechism is, an uproarious piece of theater that takes audience members back - sometimes nostalgically, sometimes fearfully to the children they once were.  The irrepressible, unruly, boisterous Sister teaches an adult catechism class to a roomful of “students” (the audience)!  Over the course of the play, Sister goes from benevolent instructor, rewarding the “students” for correct answers with glow-in-the-dark rosaries and laminated saint cards, to authoritative drill sergeant.  These abrupt mood swings are bound to strike a resonant chord with everyone who survived the ups and downs of going to school, with an omniscient, all-knowing, all-seeing authoritarian at the helm.

      The New York Times in 1996 declared “Late Nite Catechism speaks to an audience much broader than the membership of any one church.” The Catholic Register (Toronto) said, “The show appeals to Catholics and non-Catholics alike since ‘Sister’ clearly explains religious references in lighthearted ways while maintaining a serious tone that isn’t too preachy...” 

      Late Nite Catechism, which was nominated for an Outer Critics Circle Award in New York and won the L.A. Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Lead Performance for Maripat Donovan. It is the longest running one woman show in Off-Broadway history.  

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SATURDAY, AUGUST 27TH, 2016 -- 8:00 P.M.

An Evening with Danny Kaye

     When Brian Childers crossed paths with Danny Kaye, the entertainment giant had already passed into legend leaving behind a treasure trove of Broadway memories and comedic films. When initially approached to play Danny Kaye, Brian dived in and learned everything he could about the comedic genius and in doing so, found a connection and an uncanny ability to channel Mr. Kaye in all his unique glory.

     Having performed in numerous incarnations of the story of Danny Kaye in “Danny and Sylvia: A Musical Love Story,” (which garnered him the Helen Hayes Award for Best Actor in a Musical), “The Kid From Brooklyn,” in both Los Angeles and Chicago and “Danny and Sylvia” Off-Broadway in New York City, Brian took some time away from channeling Mr. Kaye until, once again, he was asked to bring the music and some story of Danny Kaye to Washington DC. The one man show, “An Evening with Danny Kaye” was born and was received with Critical Acclaim.

     Talkin’ Broadway said: Childers makes you feel as if you are watching the real Danny Kaye. Every gesture is perfect and he has mastered the mimicry and dialects that were such a great part of Kaye's performances. It is no wonder that the Helen Hayes Awards committee chose to honor Mr. Childers for this portrayal.”

     With tenderness and great affection, Brian pays this tribute to one of Broadway and Hollywood’s greatest showmen. Brian Childers becomes Danny Kaye in a way that lets a new generation discover - and an older generation re-visit – a unique performer. He delivers both the performance persona of that unique comic/crooner/clown/character and his off-stage charm, creating a touching portrait of a real person while channeling rather than merely impersonating an inimitable performance style.
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8TH, 2016 -- 7:30 P.M.

Charles Dickens Presents A Christmas Carol

     “Get set for a one-on-one encounter with Charles Dickens in the person of actor / storyteller, Mike Randall” - WPIG 95.7 FM Up Close & Personal by Nicholas Pircio.  While A Christmas Carol is a renowned classic, many people are not familiar with this version.

     Charles Dickens Presents A Christmas Carol is an opportunity to see this holiday story as condensed by Dickens himself, for his stage “readings”.  In 1868 Dickens began touring and presenting the classic.  Highly anticipated performances in the United States drew crowds of 3,000 people per night.

     Dickens biographer Edgar Johnson on the public readings: “It was more than a reading; it was an extraordinary exhibition of acting …without a single prop or bit of costume, by changes of voice, by gesture, by vocal expression, Dickens peopled his stage with a throng of characters.”   

     “A delightful ‘Carol’ – Randall as Dickens brings classic story to life…Randall delivered an inspired and inspiring performance.” – by Kristy Kibler, Warsaw County Courier     
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