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A Holiday Message from Mayor Mike Cooper

December 2012


          As we draw near to the end of 2012 and join in celebration with family and friends this holiday season, we frequently take the time to reflect on the past year and eagerly await the opportunities that lay ahead in 2013 with hope and enthusiasm.  In reflection, we recognize and are thankful for those “genuine treasures” we have enjoyed throughout the year with our loved ones, and excitedly anticipate those to come in the New Year. 

           In addition, I am thankful for the “genuine treasures” expressed in our City throughout the year.  It has been heartwarming to witness the thoughtfulness of caring neighbors, the community service and involvement of active and engaged residents.  My utmost gratitude goes out to those committed and devoted volunteers, community groups and organizations who work tirelessly during the year to enrich our lives in Covington.  On a personal note, I am thankful to my City staff and Councilmen, who are committed to working together with the community to make productive and lasting contributions to our City and I feel extremely fortunate to serve with such a dedicated group. 


          As a City, one of our “genuine treasures” is that expressed in our community spirit as we gather and celebrate throughout the year at the many annual events held in Covington, bringing together family, friends, and visitors. The year ahead of us is particularly unique in that Covington will observe our 200th birthday, having numerous occasions to enjoy community activities leading to our closing bicentennial celebration ceremony on July 4th.  Covington is a town of legacies, shared by each of us that choose to live here, dissimilar from most cities in that we truly protect our past in order to enhance our future.  Commemorating our bicentennial will serve to preserve that legacy perpetually.

           On behalf of the City of Covington, I extend our warmest regards and best wishes.  May the spirit of this wonderful season be with you and your loved ones throughout the holidays and the New Year.  And may you gather with us in 2013 to enjoy the “genuine treasures” of Covington.

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 Mayor Mike Cooper