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Planning & Zoning Commission

Planning and Zoning Commission

The appointed seven members of the Planning and Zoning Commission provide citizen review and recommendations on planning-related matters to the City Council.  The Planning and Zoning Commission serves as a review body to recommend changes in development codes and the zoning ordinance to the City Council.  The Commission prepares, adopts, and modifies the comprehensive plan for the City.  The Commission prepares subdivision regulations and zoning ordinances, and amendments thereto for recommendation to the City Council.

The Planning & Zoning Commission has two distinct functions.

(1) The first involves preparation and revision of the community's comprehensive plan and local land use regulations, such as the zoning or subdivision code.  This role is typically advisory to the local governing body, with the planning board forwarding a recommended plan (or ordinance) to the governing body for consideration.

(2)  The second, and frequently most time-consuming, function involves the review of development proposals, subdivisions, annexations, street/alley revocations and rezoning cases.  The Planning and Zoning Commission hold public hearings and make recommendations to the City Council on the cases.

Planning & Zoning Commission

Board Members:

Mr. Teddy Boone                                    Chairperson
Mr. Ronald Vaccaro                              Vice-Chairperson
Mr. Robert Celestine
Mr. Bruce E. Davidson
Mr. Bert Duvic
Mr Donald Mastio
Mr. Joseph Fetter