cityhall report


Covington Police Department Communications Division handles all of the telephone and radio communications for the department. The dispatcher answers both the emergency(911) and non-emergency phone lines as well as the police radio. The Communications Division operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Dispatchers are often the first person the public has contact with when emergency assistance is needed. When answering a call, the dispatcher must obtain important information which is used to classify and prioritize calls for service. The information gathered is entered into a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system and is also sent to the responding unit and/or agency needed. One of the primary functions of a dispatcher is to maintain contact with field officers in order to maintain officer safety. A dispatcher must give accurate and timely information for both the safety of the officer and the community.  Dispatchers also perform checks via a computer system regarding wanted or missing persons, stolen property and vehicles, and criminal history and drivers license information on individuals.

Why do dispatchers ask so many questions?

Dispatchers are trained to ask a wide range of questions to ensure a safe and timely response to emergency and service-related calls.  hey must ask these questions in order to determine the type of assistance required for a call. The information obtained is transmitted to the responding units/agencies so that the call can be handled properly and safely. Callers need to be patient and answer all questions as accurately as possible. Help is simultaneously sent as the dispatcher takes your information.

When should I dial 911?

You should dial 911 for any police, fire or medical emergency.

What should I do when I call 911?

  • Remain calm.
  • Give the correct address of your emergency and the phone number you are calling from.
  • Stay on the phone with the dispatcher. Do not hang up until the dispatcher  advises you to. The dispatcher may keep you on the phone until help arrives at your location if necessary.
  • Remember, help is on the way as you are speaking to the dispatcher.