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Tuesday, December 31, 2013



New Look for Covington Police Officers

Sgt Reiff


    Chief Tim Lentz reports that, in keeping with his promise of a new image for the Covington Police Department, part of that change has taken a physical meaning. On January 1, 2014, Covington Police Officers will be transitioning to a new uniform, reminiscent of one of the original uniforms worn by officers.


    In 1992, the Covington Police Department changed to the current gray uniform shirt, accompanied by a newly designed patch on the sleeve. Prior to this change, as many residents of Covington will recall, officers wore a light blue uniform shirt.


    Time for change has come and Chief Lentz is bringing back the blue! The new uniform will be the original light blue shirt and the pants will stay the same navy blue color. The new uniform shirt will continue to bear the current patch, created by former Officer Randy Caminita, now a Lieutenant with the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office. The only change to the patch will be the coloring of the outline and the word "COVINGTON", which will change from gray to gold. An American Flag will be proudly displayed on the front of the uniform.


    Chief Lentz states, "I made a promise to the people of Covington that we would create a new image for the Covington Police Department. This uniform, to me, is more friendly, approachable, and professional than the gray shirts we currently wear. Transitioning to this new uniform is just one part of the process of rebuilding the image of the police department and transforming their Police Department into one that they can be proud of."




Media contact:  Chief Tim Lentz- 985.768.1205 or

                            Officer Trey Mahon- 985.966.9131