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City of Covington Fire Department

The Covington Fire Department has one of the best response records in the state. Each year the CFD answers more than 1,700 emergency calls. CFD firefighters spend many hours on outreach for fire prevention in the community. The CFD conducts fire prevention programs in local schools to teach students how to formulate and execute an emergency exit plan. The CFD will visit homes and businesses to advise occupants on how to design and implement an emergency exit plan as well as how to properly use a fire extinguisher. Firefighters will also advise residents on the proper placement of smoke detectors and alarms. The CFD's contribution to our quality of life and peaceful slumber each night is beyond measure.

Fire Suppression

Fire Supression A
Fire Supression C

The Fire Department Suppression Division is made up of 12 firefighters/operators. They are divided between three shifts: A, B and C. The firefighters work 24 hours and are off 48 hours, essentially working every third day. Many have part-time jobs on their two days off.

The firefighters stay busy running emergencies, fire pre-planning, training, maintaining equipment, hydrant testing, assisting the public, and keeping the trucks clean. The firefighters run an average of four to eight calls per day - more than 1700 calls each year. The city's committed group of firefighters are always willing to go the extra mile for the citizens of Covington.

Fire Prevention

"There is no honor in extinguishing a fire that could have been prevented"

The Fire Department Prevention Division is responsible for administering fire safety education, determining fire cause, inspecting high hazard occupancies and enforcing fire code. The Fire Department's fire prevention programs are largely responsible for public awareness on prevention. These programs check code compliance and proper safety standards. Contact or (985) 898-4727.




The Fire Department Training Division is responsible for maintaining and improving the skills and agility of the firefighters and keeping them informed of new technology and available training.


The Fire Department Administration has an open door policy with the citizens of Covington. The fire house is open Monday through Friday, and we are on call during nights and weekends. The Fire Department's experienced and knowledgeable staff is well equipped to effectively serve the citizens of Covington. All of our Chiefs each have over 20 years of fire service experience.


Established 1905

  • In 1905, the City of Covington Fire Department was established as a volunteer fire department.
  • In 1972, full-time dispatchers were initiated, and a new Fire Station at Jefferson and 26thavenues was constructed. This is where headquarters is currently located.
  • In 1993, Covington’s citizens voted to approve a millage tax so that the city could hire full-time firefighters, and purchase a new fire truck and 75-foot ladder truck.
  • In April 1995, four full-time firefighters were hired for the first time in Covington’s history. May of 1995 marks the arrival of the 75-foot ladder truck, which was used two weeks later during the Haik fire on Columbia Street.
  • In 1996 and 1997, two more full-time firefighters were hired, bringing the total to six.
  • In July 2010, six additional full-time firefighters were hired through a departmental rookie school with a 100% passing rate.

Career Opportunities

The Covington Fire Department is governed under the laws of Civil Service. Two applications must be completed: the City of Covington application and the Civil Service application. Please contact the city's Human Resources Department for available openings or click "Jobs" at the bottom of this website's home page.

Apply Online - City of Covington Application

Civil Service Application

Covington Fire Department Application for Competitive Examination

Contact Information

Business Line: (985) 898-4727
Fax line: (985) 898-4728
525 N. Jefferson Avenue
Covington, LA 70433

Gary Blocker Last section Contact Info

Gary S. Blocker Jr.
Fire Chief
Phone: (985) 898-4727

Steven Michell Last Section Contact Info

Steven Michell
Assistant Fire Chief
Phone: (985) 898-4727

Joe Ard Last section Contact Info

Joe Ard
Chief of Prevention
Phone: (985) 898-4727

Kimmi Duncan Last section Contact Info

Kimmi Duncan
Chief Administrative Assistant
Public Information Officer
Phone: (985) 898-4727