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Police services are not limited to 911 emergencies. In addition to providing for the public safety, the Covington Police Department works proactively in our community to prevent crime.

The CPD keeps a watchful eye on commercial businesses, and you may find a note on your shop’s front door letting you know they were there in the night checking on things. Officers often escort merchants to their local bank to make a deposit and often advise merchants on developing security procedures.

The CPD will answer your questions about traffic fines, take suggestions on traffic improvements, provide accident reports, help you locate your lost or stolen bicycle and conduct outreach programs in local schools including DARE and RAD.

Each year the CPD organizes the city's Toys for Tots program. Each year, more than 700 children choose several items each from the Covington Police Department Toyland. Police services in Covington are a vital part of our quality of life. They include peace of mind, security and the confidence to venture out and enjoy all city amenities.