Everyone, please watch out for calls from Entergy Representatives claiming that they purchased part of Cleco and need your personal information to keep you from losing power to your home.


Today, I received a phone call that showed up in my cell phone caller ID as Entergy Customer Service. (I will add, that when I Googled “Entergy Customer Service” the number that they called from IS LISTED as Entergy’s customer service number.) I have CLECO as my electric company.

The man said that he was calling about my service at my address (He said my address) and that I owed Entergy a past due balance. I told him that I do not have an account with Entergy. He said, “but you are with CLECO and we bought out portions of CLECO a few months ago. We have sent out 2 letters between September and October, letting you all know of the change. I told him that I did not receive them. He said that my account was scheduled for disconnect TODAY because I had a past due balance and that if I wanted to pay now, he could take the payment over the phone.

I told him that I was at work and I would have to call them back. He gave me the number (1-800-368-3749) and said his name was James. I asked if my account number, to reference during my call back, was the same as my CLECO account number and his said, no and gave me my “New Account Number”,

Entergy offers the following advice and contact information for Scams –>
— Call 1-800-368-3749 to report the incident.
— Don’t use unauthorized payment methods.
— Never give out your banking information by email or phone.
— Never give out your personal information by email or phone.
— Be wary of threats to disconnect service.

Cleco offers the following advice for Scams –>
— Call 1-800-622-6537 to report the incident
— Remember that scammers use fraudulent phone calls, text messages, emails, as well as in-person visits to take advantage of customers.