UB, Engineering, and PW met with the contractor yesterday and the contractor will be doing the following going forward:


  • Putting out doorhangers up to a week in advance of a meter changeout, meaning that on Friday (today) they put out door hangers for meters they plan to change out the following week
  • Opening the outdoor spigot on houses before turning the valve back on for a water meter to try to force all sediment in the line from the change out to get pulled out through the outdoor spigot
  • If there is an outdoor spigot that the company cannot access, they will knock on the door before changing the meter to try to gain access. If no answer, skip meter and come back another time
  • If outdoor spigot is accessible but has moderate winterization, they will remove winterization enough to flush the line and then replace it before leaving (pics each time)
  • If outdoor spigot is accessible but has excessive winterization, they will skip the meter and come back another time
  • If no spigot is accessible due to the nature of the property such as a meter for a second floor apartment or other such situation, only in those such cases will they be allowed to change a meter without flushing a line and have the property owner do their own flush


The contractor has picked up where they left off in notifying people today and plans to resume changeouts on Monday.


Even with these, there are likely to still be some instances where people experience residual sediment inside their houses. In these cases, if a resident experiences residual sediment in their lines, they should open up the cold-water faucet on their bathtub or use an outside tap and let the water run until the residual sediment clears. If it does not clear after a few minutes, they should reach out to myself or Ty and we’ll have the contractor assess.


There will also be times where a house is notified that their meter will be changed, it does not get changed for one of the reasons mentioned above, and then they are notified again that their meter will be changed. I’m asking that the contractor print up extra doorhangers to let residents know when their house gets skipped so that they’re aware that they aren’t surprised when they later get another notice that their meter is going to be changed out.