Occupational License

Nahketah Bagby
Planning & Zoning Director
Occupational License
(985) 867-1214 ext. 240
[email protected]

Ellen Agee
Occupational License Administrator
(985) 867-1214 ext. 241
[email protected]

Whether you are beginning a new enterprise, relocating your existing business, or are an outside company planning to conduct routine business within City limits, our Occupational License Department will provide you with all the information and forms necessary to do so. Occupational Licenses are required by Chapter 22 of the City of Covington Code of Ordinances and are authorized by Louisiana Revised Statute § 47:341. Annual taxes are charged by class and are provided for by tables set by the State on La RS § 47:354-362.

We want the process of opening your business to be a smooth one. For new occupational license application inquiries, contact Nahketah Bagby at (985) 867-1214 ext. 240 or [email protected] or Ellen Agee at (985) 867-1214 ext. 241 or [email protected].

Applications for new occupational licenses must be submitted to the City of Covington Occupational License Department for approval. Applications should be submitted AT LEAST two weeks before your planned date of opening to allow time for all procedures and inspections to be completed. If you are undergoing new construction or major renovations at your new business location, please anticipate more time to process your license. Occupational licenses can't be issued until all construction is completed and approved by our Code and Building officials and applicable state agencies. After your license is approved, it will be mailed to you.

You will also need to visit Planning and Zoning for further information.

Renewing Your Occupational License

For inquiries about your City of Covington Occupational License renewal, contact Avenu Insights at 1-800-556-7274 or visit the www.avenuinsights.com for copies of the appropriate renewal documents.  Occupational License renewals are due on January 1st of each year, and are considered delinquent after March 1st.

New Occupational Licenses Issued

New Short Term Rentals Permits Issued