COVID-19 Information Center

This page is intended to be a central resource of information, press releases, official proclamations, and remarks from Mayor Mark Johnson and the City of Covington in regards to the COVID-19 (AKA "Coronavirus") emergency. This page will be regularly updated with relevant information, so please check back often to stay up to date on the newest news and information.

Louisiana Fire Marshal Memorandum

On May 1st, 2020 Louisiana's Office of State Fire Marshal released an interpretive memorandum to the public, providing guidelines that any outdoor religious and places of worship venue must adhere to.

You can find this memorandum by clicking here.

Updates from Mayor Mark Johnson

March 26 th

Information Regarding New Trash and Recycling Pickup Schedules

The following is an informational message from Mayor Mark in regards to changes to garbage and recycling pickup.

Beginning next week our waste company will pick up on Wednesdays ONLY. Unfortunately, I fear most of our neighbors and friends do not / will not know this. I'm asking you to please contact one or two folks and let them know ... and ask them to tell a couple of more folks. Forward this e-mail, call, text, social-media or Morse code.

Originally, changing the whole city to Wednesdays ONLY was scheduled for mid April. The idea was we, the City, would have plenty of time to notify residents. That change is on the current water bill. Now, it's wrong.

With the suspension of recycling, it made sense to make the change effective starting this Wednesday, April 1.

FAQ answered: Yes, you may use your recycle bin for waste.


Fridays Most Affected

This Monday will not get picked up till Wednesday. No biggie.
Wednesday's folks will get picked up on... Wednesday.

However, if you know a Friday-someone, make sure they know cans out this Wednesday. If not, it'll be the following Wednesday. Yuk.

Green Waste / Bulk Debris Sporadic

Due to driver / labor shortage:

Green waste / bulk debris pick-up will be sporadic.

Please, bag what you can and leave out on Wednesday, OR place it inside your cans.

March 24 th

Changes to Recycling and Waste Pickup

A message from Mayor Mark Johnson, on March 24th, 2020

Covington Recycling Suspended,

One Day per Week Waste Service

Due to both a decrease in manpower and as a precaution for drivers and hoppers (the men on the back of the trucks), this week (ending Friday, 3/27) will be the last for recycling until further notice.

Beginning next week waste will be picked up on WEDNESDAYS ONLY. Next week there will be one pickup day: April 1st. (No fooling)

When recycling returns, it will be picked up on Thursdays. All waste will continued to be taken on Wednesdays. That's a good thing.

Coastal Environmental Services will be posting updates to their website and Facebook page as often as necessary. Customers can also reach them at 985-781-3171 or email at [email protected]

Coastal Environmental Services

March 23 th

St. Tammany Health System Workers On The Front Line

The following is a message from Mayor Mark Johnson on March 23, 2020

St. Tammany Health System Workers
On the Front Line

Today I have been in communication with St. Tammany Health System (formerly St. Tammany Parish Hospital). I am pleased to report the System is providing care to all patients requiring hospitalization and is not near capacity. The System has the space, the technology, the materials and the personnel to properly care for all patients (COVID or otherwise).

The Hospital has instituted an outdoor triage to meet Louisiana Department of Health and CDC expectations. Outdoor triage helps decrease the number of individuals entering and leaving the hospital building itself.

If you or a friend want to confirm symptoms or have concerns, there are several options: You can call 985-898-4001 to schedule a Virtual Visit with a St. Tammany Health System provider.

Second, their partner Ochsner has a 24-hour nurse on call at 866-230-1977. You can talk through symptoms right on the phone.

Or third, you can click here to start an Ochsner Anywhere Care Video Visit if you don’t want to schedule one with ours.

From the Hospital … “Please know that your St. Tammany Health System is caring for patients, has capacity, and is preparing along with others throughout the US healthcare system to continue to respond. Everything that you can do to encourage everyone you know to stay home, to prevent the spread of the virus is helpful. We are keeping our website and social media channels updated with accurate, true information every day. Please read the news section on and visit to see accurate information about St. Tammany Health System.”

The outdoor triage facility allows patients to be screened prior to entering the hospital building. Once assessed, a patient can be admitted or discharged based on their needs.

March 22 th

"Stay at Home" order for the State of Louisiana

On March 22nd, 2020 Governor John Bel Edwards issued a "Stay at Home" order for the state of Louisiana. In regards to this order, Mayor Mark Johnson says the following:

"As we continue to take our guidance from Gov John Bel, every citizen in and around the City of Covington has a responsibility to self-isolate and to shelter in place. OK to go for groceries, pharmacy, take-out from restaurants, doctor's appointments.

Do NOT go to work unless your job / profession appears on the CISA list.

Together, we can flatten the curve. So far, we are not doing that.

Sidenote: Huge thank you to our healthcare workers. They are the frontline.

Click here for CISA List of Essential Personnel

Details on the Stay at Home Order below:"

Press Releases

March 18th
March 17th
March 12th

Declaration of State of Emergency