BOIL ADVISORY DECLARATION_City of Covington_2.7.24_Rosemary Dr.

Boil Water Advisory Declaration for the City of Covington PWS1103011 located in St. Tammany Parish for the following addresses:

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 Rosemary Drive

We will make an update on our website and on our social media when the boil advisory is lifted.

If you have any questions feel free to call city hall at (985)892-1811


A Boil Water Advisory is issued when an event has occurred allowing the possibility for the water distribution system to become contaminated. An advisory does not mean that the water is contaminated, but rather that it could be contaminated. Until the safety of the water is confirmed, customers should take the appropriate precautions. *


This BOIL ADVISORY is to remain in effect until rescinded by the city which may take a minimum of 72 hours not including the weekends.  You will be notified when the advisory has been lifted.  It is recommended that all consumers disinfect their water before consuming it (including fountain drinks), making ice, brushing teeth, or using it for food preparation or rinsing of foods by the following means:


Boil water for one (1) full minute in a clean container.  The one-minute starts after the water has been brought to a rolling boil.


Again, please be sure to disinfect your water prior to consumption until you have been advised otherwise.  The City of Covington will rescind this Boil Advisory upon notification from the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals -Office of Public Health that additional water samples collected from our water supply system have shown our water to be safe.


  • An Advisory is different from a Boil Water Notice. A Boil Water Notice is issued by the state health officer and the secretary of the Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH) or their authorized representatives. During a Boil Water Notice, all customers must boil their water before consumption of it or use bottled water.


PDF of Advisory