Report Request

Request for Police Report

Fee and Payment Rules

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Records Subject to Redaction or Not Releasable

In disseminating public records and information, the Covington Police Department must comply with current laws that regulate the release of information which would expose an individual to public disgrace or would intrude upon the individual's right to privacy. To ensure that privacy concerns are protected and legal standards are met, report data is "redacted" prior to being made available to the public. The following information will not be disclosed:

  • Employee medical records
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Name, address, phone number, or identity of victims of sex offenses or minor victims of any crime
  • Rap sheets
  • Identity of undercover officers or confidential informers
  • Information which would reveal undercover or intelligence operations
  • Juvenile Court records
  • Work Product
  • Job performance and Grievance records of public employees
  • Misdemeanor records that have been expunged
  • Records of law enforcement agencies pertaining to pending criminal investigation and prosecution